Being a photographer, my gear is like my child. Weird way to start this off, I know. BUT, I know you get it. I wanted to share my favorite must haves for gear & accessories, being a branding, portrait, and wedding photographer. Enjoy!

My favorite camera to shoot with. It’s a full frame, which is great in low light and it’s my #1 go to.

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SD cards are the most important tool for photographers, besides the obvious cameras and lenses. Your actual WORK is on these and you HAVE to keep them somewhere safe. I like this holder because it’s drop + waterproof, so there is suppppppper little chance of anything happening to your precious cards.

Just like SD cards, you literally can’t be a photographer without batteries. So, I love this battery storage from Think Tank so they all stay in one place.

I love this dual camera strap for weddings, especially, because it makes switching between the two cameras so much easier than opening up my bag every time.

I LOVE this camera bag. I’m able to fit everything I need in here for an entire wedding (2 cameras, 4 lenses, and accessories.) + there is a ton of smaller storage within the bag, AND a built in rain cover + tripod holder. WHAT.

My first camera that I started shooting weddings with, and I love it with my entire heart. I will probably never give it up, and it’s a GREAT + won’t clear out your bank account starter DSLR camera.

Back it up, girl friend!! Making sure my work is saved with this passport hard drive, has lifted so much weight off my shoulders, so many times.

This laptop has been my saving grace. I recently upgraded to this and can say I really haven’t been happier with a laptop’s speed for editing on Lightroom, which is primary what I use it for.

This lens rarely leaves my 60d. I love the versatility of this lens, and how durable it is.

I don’t love shooting with artificial light, but for receptions or when a shoot turns into an all-day shenanigan, this little guy is super reliable and easy to work with.

I love this SD card. It can shoot an entire wedding in RAW with ease.

This adapter is needed for the Macbook Pro since there isn’t an SD slot on the actual computer.

My FAVORITE lens for weddings & all day shooting. This stays on my 6d 24/7 and I can’t recommend a lens more.

Having extra batteries is always a smart idea. I normally have about 5 extra, with a few charging during weddings or longer shoots, so I ALWAYS have a backup.

This light is my backup in case my speedlight knock on wood let’s me down!

I have used this hard drive for about 3 years and it has yet to fail me, so I 100000% recommend it.