Hunter + Kendall | Wedding Day!

Y'all. I am at a lost for words, because this beautiful couple took to the altar yesterday & shared ALL DA LUV. 

Hunter + Kendall were a DREAM to capture, and as I was really there for video, I had to grab a few shots, because I absolutely could not help myself. 

So with that being said, I am so flippin' pumped to share the first blog post! 

I think the most amazing thing about being a part of the creative team of this wedding was seeing other photographers in action. I had the opportunity to work alongside Lauren Garrison & Taylor Prinsen. These two absolutely killed the game & I'm so grateful I got to meet them! 

Lastly, before you take a peek at all of the magical-ness, I wanted to say thank you for being here for the first ever Adeline Rock Photo/The Glow blog post! Here's to many more. *clink*

Addie Rock