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I'm the photographer that is obsessed with New Girl, cheese fries, and telling genuine stories through beautiful images.

I'm based out of Austin, TX, and LOVE this city. I’ll probably never move!

I also am a total fan of any + all internships. Even past my secondary education, I've been apart of 13. (Yes, I was tired all the time lol, but it was SO worth it. Internships = the best thing ever for your business education.)  

Here are some fun facts about me: 

I can NEVER get enough Riverdale, Modern Family, or New Girl. 

Caesar salad + french fries are my fuel. (besides the obviously daily... maybe 4 daily... coffee(s).)

I have a pup named Ollie, he is half Saint Bernard and half German Shepard, and yes. He IS the cutest dog alive. I 100% cannot picture my life without owning a dog! I love them to pieces. 

My favorite smells include: new books, my pups when they're sleepy (yes it's incredibly weird but ugh it's the best, I'm pretty sure it's the dog mom equivalent of smelling a baby's head.), and bonfires. 

I'm from/grew up in the the Philly/PA area, so I always try to go back and visit.

Favorite colors? Hmmm... anything light or warm. I am totally obsessed with golden hours + light & airy shots of veils, fun spinn-y kiss shots, or just anything candid. Being a photographer will do that to ya.

I have a weird obsession with edamame & salted caramel treats. I can't explain it. Except that those flavors are what dreams are made of. 

I drive a Prius, and will never drive anything else. It's the best car for everything (no, I'm not being paid to say this.), space & gas wise, and I have definitely been caught calling it my Glow-mobile. #sorrynotsorry

I do live to travel, like mentioned above, but I also love little road trips with family or close friends. They always make for great memories!

Lastly, I have what I like to call a O.P.P. - an Overwhelming Pinterest Problem... I may have Pinned about 30 different home & lifestyle pins every day for the last 3 years, and no, I won't be stopping anytime soon. If anyone tells you Pinterest is not like a drug, first off, the conversation that led to you talking about this, I would like to know about, and second off, they're 100% lying. 

So, that's me!

If you're either interested in a photo session or web design contact me below!